Your love will bring light to the vulnerable and downtrodden living in the most dire conditions.
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Love Thy Neighbor
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Dear Friend,
As we continue to navigate life's challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, I pray you also remember God's children struggling in the poorest and most challenging conditions, who need your love.

A life filled with love and opportunity is what Lilian Mutheu wants for her young son, Nevil. They struggle to survive in Nairobi, Kenya, in one of the world's largest slums. It's an unsanitary and deadly place where generations have suffered from crushing poverty.

It's common for the buildings in this slum not to have running water or electricity. Our neighbors there — young and old alike — die from diseases like cholera, typhoid and COVID-19 because they have no money to get clean water or medicine.

Every night, when Lilian tucks Nevil into bed, she prays for a way out of poverty. She prays she can keep him safe and healthy. As she looks upon his innocent face as he drifts off to sleep, Lilian prays for a better life for her son.

You can help answer her prayers.

Lilian and Nevil need your help. Please, love thy neighbor, and give Lilian and Nevil access to clean water and a way out of poverty.
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You have my word that we won't stop until your love reaches every neighbor.


Ambassador Daniel V. Speckhard
President and CEO
P.S. There are so many neighbors who need your love — especially now, as COVID-19 makes life so much more challenging for the poorest families. Help provide safe water and prevent dangerous diseases from taking the lives of our brothers and sisters in need.
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